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Dreams-Visions is one of the oldest and largest experienced spiritual dream websites in the Netherlands and Belgium and was founded in 2012. Dream Whisper blog is part of Dreams-Visions you can find more than 2900 translations here. + 1000 dream picture blogs for everything related to dreams, visions.

This is unique dreams and sleep knowledge that should not be missed! Make sure the website gets a place in favorites, because new information is published regularly! Knowledge gained through years of experience. You won't find what you read here anywhere else



Learn everything about sleeping and dreaming. Good dreaming is the best meditation there is for a reason.


Another important fact is that Dream-Visions  has a spiritual background and basis. It is a blog with ordinary standard translations, and also attention to Spiritual (mindfulness) awareness dream translations. So that you can use, feel and pick up the right synchronization yourself, as it were, towards a translation that really suits you.



Dream problem top 5

  • Nightmares and trauma / past life and processing
  • Not experiencing brake sleep and / or not being able to remember your dream
  • Forced dreaming - incompetent or unhealthy (lucid) dreaming
  • Influence of social media / TV / telephone
  • Dream / visions fear / memories of yesterday (evening)


Awareness moment "Dreams are a processing of your daily life". nothing more nothing less! You really dream several times a night "for many people it is a matter of not remembering".


The most dreamed dream topics are!

  • Fall
  • Naked, pooping and peeing
  • Bad Teeth, No Teeth, Loss of Teeth;
  • To chase, to be chased;
  • Being sick, unhealthy;
  • Dying, death;
  • Failure / fear of failure in a test or assignment;
  • Being late, missing something;
  • To be lost, to be lost;
  • Being imprisoned, Being in prison;
  • Broken stuff;
  • Paralysis and Lifelessness;
  • Car, Bus, Train;
  • House, Building;
  • Mountans and Klifs
  • Animals;
  • Family members;
  • Work, School or Social Places;
  • Making love and love;
  • Water, Swimming, Bath and Bathroom.

Do you dream every night?

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Do you want to explain dreams yourself?

  • Listen to your gut when it comes to explaining.
  • The dream and vision explanations have been specially developed for you, everyone can learn, including you!
  • Find your own unique energy and lifestyle that makes growth a matter of time!
  • When you are more deeply connected with yourself, you also live differently and everything flows to you easily!
  • Did you know that dreams are connected with feeling, so each dream can have many different explanations.
  • It has to synchronize with your own energy and your situation.
  • Every person is different, that money also for your dream experience, that which is logical for one person, is not a match for another.
  • That is the reason why it was decided to give more options!

Every dream translation is therefore applicable to everyone "It is not black or white, it is gray!".



  • Choose the dream statement that makes your heart sing.
  • That which strikes you, that appeals to you!
  • Therefore ignore the other explanations.
  • If you still have doubts, choose the first translation because this is the most general translation; and therefore synchronizes with many people.


"Listen to your heart and your dream translation will be pure, real, deep and truly written on your body".

Dreams reflect what you are going through in your life. It is what you experience on a daily basis. It is a processing that can be given a place in your life. Dreams are not a literal statement, it is not literal, it is symbolic nothing more nothing less.


The free dream translations you really shouldn't miss!