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The free dream translations you really shouldn't miss !.   


Dromen and Visions, Dream Whisper is the largest dream experiencedknowledgeablewebsite in the Netherlands and Belgium. Dreams and visions are also growing beyond Europe towards experiencedknowledgeable status. On this blog you will find 2800 translations. + 800 dream picture blogs for everything to do with dreams, visions. In addition, Dromen-Visions is also one of the oldest dream knowledgeable websites and was founded in 2012.  Learn everything about sleeping and dreaming because it is not for nothing the best meditation there is.   



Marjan herself works in a very unique dream way !. She explains your dreams from years of knowledge, but also connects the tarot / oracle cards to your dream / vision / daydream and / or meditation, visualization, manifestation. Making your shadow side visible.


Marjan is the inventor of an in-depth combination of Dreamology, Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Moonology and Chakraology.
Dream guides / familiars. The energyology, elements earth, fire, water and air. and last but not least the Dream medicine. 


Also experience the connection with the elements (earth, fire, water, air) and constellations. But of course also with the 7 chakras and the 7 dream energy level, so that your dream statement not only creates awareness of the fact that. But also on a deep soul level healing and healing, brings transformation that you have never experienced.



Do you want to explain your dreams? .. Want to know more about dreams, sleeping, visions, dream meditation, dream yoga, and dream affirmation, dream manifestation and so on read and discover everything !. 


Listen to your feelings when it comes to explaining.


This blog has been specially developed for you, anyone can learn it, including you! Find your own unique energy and lifestyle that makes growth a matter of time! When you are more deeply connected with yourself, you also live differently and everything comes to you easily! Did you know that dreams are connected with feeling, so each dream can have many different explanations. 


It must synchronize with your own energy and your situation. Every person is different, that money also for your dream experience, that which is logical to one person, is not a match for the other. That is why it was decided to give more options! 

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In addition, the free Dream BlogLetter also offers the latest coaching, workshops, training courses, challenges and so on.

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Each dream translations is therefore applicable to everyone "It is not black or white, it is gray!". 

Choose the dream statement that makes your heart sing, that what strikes you, that appeals to you! Therefore ignore the other explanations. If you still have doubts, choose the first translations because this is the most general translation; and therefore synchronizes with many people.   



"Listen to your heart and your dream translations will be written purely, truly, deeply and truly on your body".



Dreams reflect what you are going through. It is what you experience every day. It is a processing that can be given a place in your life. Dreams are not a literal translation, it is not literal, it is symbolic nothing more nothing less.