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Mistletoe dream picture

Published on 4 December 2020 at 07:00

Dreams about the mistletoe obviously tells you something about healing. It reflects strength, persistence to put on that to get what you want. It is wanting to reach for the unknown. But also the feeling of things can come to you in the right or go wrong way; so it is the doubts and making choices. Of course, the mistletoe also reflects true love, the kiss, twin souls and soul mates.


The feminine and masculine energy. But also affection and a signal from the universe and / or that with which you have a connection. You can also think of fertility, new opportunities and breaking new ground.  


As a spiritual explanation there is a connection with experiencing guidance from higher dimensions, god, the angels, ascended masters and / or with which you have a connection. It would also be the key to escape from reality. In addition to the spiritual explanation, there is of course also a divine story that can also be a starting point for the possible explanation of your dream or vision.  

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