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Christmas tree dream picture

Published on 1 December 2020 at 07:00

A dream or vision about a Christmas tree tells you about experiencing inner love, happiness, success and warmth, but also about a family celebration, a gathering and family relationships. Another explanation is fears or stress you experience, obstacles in your life that you cannot easily overcome. 


Yet another explanation is self-development, growth and seeing possibilities. The Christmas tree is a reflection of the inner light experienced; bring the light into the house and / or attract what you need in the situation you are in and so on. The Christmas tree mainly reflects your own creativity, your soul colors, your source, your basis and / or how you view or view life.


As an alternative explanation, the tree also represents the connection with your ancestors, your roots, your base and even a past life. The Christmas tree has a very personal meaning where you have to listen carefully to what it has to say for yourself.

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