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Evacuation dream picture

Published on 23 November 2020 at 07:00

Dreams or a vision of a flood evacuation tell that forced changes in your life will lead to better times. Letting go of the past, leaving a loved one behind, the source of ideas and life flood your feelings, you feel like you are leaving your heart, and it is overflowing with the unexpected in your life.


Dreams or a vision of an evacuation by war tell you about letting go of the true heart, the pent-up anger is manifested and now you want to flee from the past, your opinions and your reaction, you have been abandoned by your feelings. You have to start over, it is necessary to be able to complete the end of a project, a new beginning will arise.

Evacuation through drought tells you to feel like you are trying things but nothing is working. You are not given opportunities in your life and you have made the wrong choices. The knowledge is there but the fertility, the right time is not yet there, maybe you are on the wrong part of the path.


Dreams or a vision in which you have to flee from an earthquake indicate unrest in the basis of your feeling, body, your heart, grief you can no longer control, shame takes over, and forced changes are the only solution for it. feeling and the problems, you are out of balance.


If you have to evacuate due to a storm in your dream or vision, it is telling you that you are unpredictable at this point in your life and are overcome by these feelings. You do not know what choices you have to make in your life, you rush through everything. You don't want to adapt to other people's wishes, you don't want to commit but to feel freedom. 

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