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Sleeping dream picture

Published on 18 November 2020 at 07:00

Dreams and visions about sleeping tell you about the soul and mind getting into balance. You can also think of the need to express your inner feelings, or to be yourself, to acknowledge the true part of yourself.

Embracing your source, your base, your heart was me. Another explanation is that you would like to do something but the right time or opportunities are not yet there in your life. An alternative explanation is that you are tired, listless, missing things, being late for your feelings and so on.


As a result, the soul tries to make it clear to you that you should look at everything calmly. Dreams about sleeping are often about becoming aware of the fact that; it is generally the first signal of stress, burnout, fear, sadness, trauma, processing and so on. It is not so much that you can explain it symbolically, it is rather a moment of recognition (scolding yourself) of the physical awakening. 


As another alternative, you have the feeling that you are on hold or wait mode, the connection with Sleeping beauty. Perhaps experience the feeling that everything is passing by - as if nobody is looking at you.  

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