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Skeletons dream picture

Published on 29 October 2020 at 17:00

Dreams or visions of bones, skeletons tell you about death and resurrection, the end of a life situation that causes a change. But everything has to be taken care of before you can start harvesting again. Bones also represent your inner self, the backbone of your life, the structure of the self, the soul and mind and body.


 The basis of your existence needs to be examined. It may be that there were past or past life problems that lingered on your bones. An alternative explanation is the connection with death and rebirth in a situation in your life. A spiritual explanation is that you feel that there is something that is still alive or not jet dead.  


Breaking bones in your dream or vision tells you that the foundations may be revised. Another explanation is that your base is undervalued. Alternatively, you may even feel that you are not appreciated yourself. You may have lost yourself. Another explanation is that you deprive yourself of something, you hurt yourself more than necessary. Another explanation is that you are concerned about the health of other people around you, or perhaps your own health.  

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