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Blue moon dream picture

Published on 28 October 2020 at 07:00

The blue moon is a full moon that occurs twice in the same month and is therefore rare. When you see this in your dream or vision it tells you about the power, magic, the unexpected. Another explanation is the reference to the feeling of losing your powers and losing a loved one. 

Additional explanation is the cycle of the human body being reflected. You can also think of the seasons, winter, fall, summer and spring. Yet another explanation is to experience some extra happiness, abundance, money, love, health, insights and other possibilities that you have visualized.


It reflects the healing of old wounds, emotions, feelings, trauma and so on. The blue moon is also connected with your deceased loved ones, the afterlife and, twin souls, soul mates, soul groups, other dimensions. An alternative explanation is that the blue moon represents spiritual growth and development. You can also think of becoming aware of your own intuition and / or higher connections - witchcraft, natural beliefs, mediumship or a similar personal growth and connection.


An additional explanation is the connection with that which is still uncertain, that which is not yet visible, having patience everything appears at the right time. Alternatively, you can link the blue moon to the galaxy, universe, alien, or other dimensions.

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