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Star dream picture

Published on 26 October 2020 at 07:00

Dreams about a star tell you about the problems overcome, prosperity, insights and success in the future. Another explanation is experiencing the possibilities to achieve your dream, wish, goal, idea, maybe you will unexpectedly get some money, insights, wisdom, or more time, happiness, and love in your life.


Yet another explanation is overcoming an old unhealthy situation. You can also think of loss, adversity, disappointment, in your life. It refers to giving it a place, as if you were, as it were, stuck in your memory. Yet another explanation is that you can expand further (go off the beaten path) look outside yourself; unlike anything you've done so far. Thinking and living out of the box.


The star represents spiritual support, spiritual growth and finding your life purpose. In addition, the star also tells you the inner path that you may seek and how to find the inner light. You are close to your dreams and wishes; other dimension and possibilities that you considered to be miracles come to you; provided you open yourself up for this.


Another explanation is that the star can also stand for deceased loved one who visits in your dream as a sign that everything is going well and / or going well. Feel the radiant energy of the star coming down on your body. 

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