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Graveyard dream picture

Published on 18 October 2020 at 07:00

A graveyard or burial site in your dream or vision tells you about letting go of old emotions, problems, feelings, relationships and personal characteristics. It also tells you about the fear of the unknown and uncertain future that lingers like a shadow over you because you cannot make a choice. Another explanation is that you stick to the past. Yet another explanation is that it refers to a period of grief or loss that you have not yet come to terms with.


The cemetery is a reference to death and rebirth, the transition between the unhealthy and the healthy situation. As it were, you prepare for a new situation by withdrawing from the situation and / or the situation you are currently facing. The cemetery, graveyard is a reflection of how yourself is in life or in the situation. A cemetery, graveyard brings out your deepest fears, trauma, past lives and / or experiences in order to be able to process it.


Alternatively, it can refer to a memory of a deceased loved one and the desire for that which was and / or spiritual connection. Fear of death and / or passing over, fear of missing out on fate and / or of your dark demonic qualities. As a spiritual alternative, it can also refer to witchcraft, magic, the devil and / or dark qualities that may be expressed.

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