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Squirrel dream picture

Published on 29 September 2020 at 07:00

When we dream or have a vision of a squirrel, this tells us that we are searching at this moment in life, examining and removing the rotten apples from our environment, or from the character. Another explanation is that the squirrel looks sweet and cute to an outsider, but inside represents a person who knows very well what he or she wants to achieve.


An alternative explanation is that the squirrel represents collecting rage, holding on to feelings and emotions. Yet another explanation is that the squirrel represents the season of fall, the harvesting of your planted seeds, but also the urge to collect everything to you. De Eekhoorn therefore also represents adherence to behavior (playing together, sharing) having difficulty working together, giving and taking that is out of balance; so take the time to balance the flow of abundance

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