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Pigeon dream picture

Published on 19 September 2020 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about a pigeon tell you that you can expect messages, visitors, news or post. Another explanation is receiving an unexpected visitor, something or someone you had not taken into account.

This can be a positive or negative visit. Yet another explanation is the connection with the afterlife, the universe a deceased loved one who sends you a message. You experience a deep spiritual connection with the higher in your life and you experience growth and development.


The pigeon is, as it were, the postman from the universe and so on and brings signals, retrieves questions, prayers, etc. Give it to a pigeon and your questions, prayers will be answered. Another possibility is that you have the desire to return home, the desire to find rest, peace, and calm.

An alternative explanation is that you take the blame for other people's mistakes. The pigeon can be an alternative to experiencing gossip, slander and less good news. 

Killing pigeons tells you that communication, messages, visitors, news or mail has stopped; there is no longer any possibility to spread your wings and fly out, you have lost something of yourself, as it were. You feel opposition, you deprive yourself of something and / or you have no connection with the hereafter.

Something you took with both arms comes to an end and now you feel like you've lost it. But after death comes rebirth - so it is on the one hand a negative signal and on the other a signal of hope, the new thing that will come your way.

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