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Beauty and the Beast dream picture

Published on 12 September 2020 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about Belle tell your transformation, the outer appearance. You can also think of the connection between two souls that is present but may not be visible or tangible. Another explanation is that you can listen to your true feeling, your deepest self.


Another explanation is to step beyond your personal boundaries to take on new unexpected opportunities. Dreams and visions about Belle are about learning and studying, persistence and persistence. Hold on to and believe in yourself, the best of other people and everyone involved.


Dreams and visions about the beast are about transformation, change and adaptation; overcome your inner demons and inner conflicts. Another explanation is that you depend on other people, wait and have patience and grow through the help of other people, knowledge and support. Another explanation is that the beast represents the dark, dark, inner demons, fear, sadness, trauma within yourself.


That which you do not want to show to the outside world, but which is there deep inside. An alternative explanation is the search for twin souls, soul mates, like-minded, true love. Seeing through the external appearance.

Beauty and the Beast together reflect transformation, twin souls, true love, true friendships and like-minded. Looking through the other person's eyes or the situation without judging. Overcoming inner conflicts and discovering the dark unknown within yourself. Seeing your black spot or your closed traits, fears and trauma.

The balance between masculine and feminine energy. Bringing out the bad in yourself and extracting the life lessons that put you on the right path so that you can find or embrace the good balanced.  

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