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Fireworks in the dream picture

Published on 29 December 2020 at 07:00

Dreams and visions of fire tell you about letting go of unhealthy or old patterns. Another explanation is the projection and reflection of your innermost self, your source, your base and so on. The becoming aware of the fact that you want to experience connection from your pure passion, desire and enlightenment and transformation in life.


An important explanation is the reflection or projection is anger, fear, sadness, aggression, trauma and stress that you cannot control and that you must express. In addition, fireworks represent creativity and the expression of your soul colors. The colors of the fireworks tell more about what you want to express, share, project and so on.


The bang reflects the influence you experience, but it can also be the tension or stress. The bang also tells you something about the way you let go of the anger, fear, sadness, aggression, trauma and stress.

Another explanation is that there is something old in your life that gives way to something new and must first burn down (soul colors) before you can build again. An addition to this is a memory of a previous life and / or a trauma or fearful experience that you are processing.


An alternative explanation is that your way of thinking is changing. You undergo an inner transformation; you have the fire under control. Yet another explanation is that fireworks represent your drive and motivation, strength and passion for life.

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