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Camping dream picture

Published on 29 August 2020 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about a campsite tell you about the desire for relaxation and a well-deserved holiday and tranquility, simplicity and cooperation between your masculine and feminine energies. 

Another explanation is that you want more contact with nature or opt for a simpler, simpler and relaxed life. Yet another explanation is networking and socializing with people close to you or the ability to make friends. You have a need to belong, but you also want to keep your independence and personal qualities.


A campsite reflects your heart, your basis, your feeling, your intuition and your soul. Another explanation is that at the moment you are unable to earth, establish yourself, want to be in one place and / or not want to be in a certain situation. Another explanation is withdrawing from a busy life and / or world full of obligations and stress moments and so on.

Independence, independence. An alternative explanation is that the campsite also represents a temporary solution for an A to B moment - this can be experienced in various ways, both positive and negative.

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