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Lawn dream picture

Published on 22 August 2020 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about beautiful grass or a lawn tell you that you have to face a good and perhaps joyful period, new opportunities, developments and possibilities are coming your way. You experience that everything you undertake now is successful and easy. Another explanation is peace and finding the balance between work and family, your masculine and feminine energy.


Dreams or visions of grass that is barren or decayed tell you that lately you have not paid attention to your wishes, dreams, ideas or relationships and therefore it cannot grow, blossom and develop. Take a closer look at yourself and change your plans, wishes or behavior towards your goal and your relationship.


An alternative explanation is that your inner life and your emotions need attention. Another explanation is that you should pay more attention to your physical condition by drinking enough water and paying attention to your diet. Another alternative explanation is that you feel that the grass is greener elsewhere.  

If the lawn or grass is swampy in your dream or vision, it tells you that if you can find the right path, you can find imaginative possibilities and fruitful opportunities or totally new ideas. Another explanation is that disagreements or doubts, unanswered questions and perhaps arguments have arisen.


Dreams or visions in which the grass is very high tells you that you are about new opportunities, developments and possibilities, but that you cannot yet see what is behind the horizon. First you have to mow the lawn, pay attention to your wishes, dreams, harvest and then you can make the new, that what you have created tangible. Another explanation is rest and finding the balance between work and family, your masculine and feminine energy and paying attention to this regularly.

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