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Garage dream picture

Published on 9 August 2020 at 07:00

Dreams and visions about a garage tell you about the basics, your heart, your feelings, your soul. That which is present in your life and / or in the situation comes forward through the garage and / or is present in the garage. Dreams or visions of a garage tells you about unconscious feelings that you have hidden, or perhaps neglected it. Another explanation is that you can rely more on your intuition and your true feelings. 


It is the past experiences, memories that become aware again through the shed of the fact that… .. An alternative explanation is that the garage also a reflection of your basis, your roots and patterns from a previous life and / or family that always comes back again.

Yet another alternative explanation about a garage tells you that you have an inactive role, don't want an opinion or even an inactive period with insufficient information or guidance. Another explanation is that the garage stands for small side issues that you now find important, but tuck away. An alternative explanation is that you are overly concerned with the smallest and most insignificant matters. 


If you dream or have a vision of opening a garage door, it tells you to make a decision about a particular situation or issue, feeling, emotions, wishes or dreams. You have made the choice in which direction you want to go to achieve your goal and now you have to carry it out. 


Dreams or visions about closing a garage door tell you that you want to leave the wishes, dreams and ambitions behind, but actually put them aside for later review. Another explanation is the closing of a period in your life; you close the door and set your own limits.

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