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Nude dream picture

Published on 29 July 2020 at 07:00

A dream or vision about nudity tells you that you are looking for the truth, for your purest self, your true identity, finding your self-worth and the naked truth that you cannot cover up so that you become aware of everything in you life.


Another explanation is experiencing openness, discovering yourself, but also facing the unknown. Yet another explanation is to find your true expressions and developments, but also experience the shame of your pure self, as well as happiness, satisfaction, victory and success. Resilience, vulnerability, are you vulnerable and resilient or are you open to your true and pure self?


If you feel uncomfortable during the dream or vision, this indicates shame, and the confrontation with the truth, your innermost self and your character traits, both positive and negative. This can originate from the past as well as the present.


But if you feel good in your dream or vision, this tells you that you are opening up, taking on new opportunities, exploring your pure personality and your true self without fearing the truth.

Swimming naked in your dream or vision tells you that you want to discover the naked truth of yourself, who am I, what do I want, why I am looking for my true identity. Another important explanation is that you want to cleanse yourself of everything around you, of what you want or need to let go in your life.


You have entered a cleansing and pure situation of the womb of the new life. An alternative explanation is that you suffer from shame and bad choices and now you want to share vulnerability. 

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