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Sloth dream picture

Published on 31 December 2020 at 07:00

Dreaming about a sloth reflects the ability to return to the connection with your intuition, your source, your base. Your desires, looking deep inside, mediation and relaxation. The power of silence, time, standing still and being at a crossroads in your life. The answers are already hidden within yourself and awareness of the fact that.


Another explanation is that the sloth reflects that part of what you hide from the world and / or that which you keep from yourself. In addition, the sloth can also stand for the feeling that everything is going too slowly in your life, that you can not get ahead or that the situation is not flowing. Waiting for answers and opportunities; the feeling you are not getting what you deserve and / or that you have missed opportunities and so on.


An alternative explanation is fatigue and insomnia. Becoming aware of stress, burnout or trauma, so that you withdraw into your own world. No connection with social contacts and / or like-minded.

In addition, the sloth also has a great cuddly content, reflecting family, warmth, affection, but also shortcoming, fear of failure and so on.


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