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Panda dream picture

Published on 2 January 2021 at 07:00

Panda in your dream tells you the balance between give and take, family and work, money and leisure and so on. In addition, the panda represents death and rebirth. The black and white (thought) and taking time to pause and consider everything. Slow and easy; the winter cycle of your life.


Withdraw and leave everything around you for what it is. The panda also has the nurturing quality of your feminine strength. You can also think of warmth, family, memories of your childhood or having experienced a lack of attention. Remember that the panda is a project or a reflection of your own true feelings, emotions and sorrows, so you are the panda yourself.


Another explanation is that comfort and optimism come to you. You just don't have to worry anymore, everything will be fine. Another explanation is that the panda bear represents a part of yourself in the form of projection, you are very easy at the moment, and a bit lazy in behavior. In addition, the panda also tells the different cycles in life of independence and growth.

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