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Frost dream picture

Published on 7 January 2021 at 07:00

Dreams and Visions in which it freezes, is frozen tells you about the way you live life. You can think of a standstill period, winter, closure of something and / or maybe even death and rebirth.

Another explanation is that the situation or the way you act reacts cold, distant and not tangible or cuddly. Another explanation is that you limit yourself, as it were, fix yourself, offer resistance against everything that is currently on your path or is present on your path. Not being able to let go of old unhealthy patterns and situations that completely control you.


It is important to know that your dreams about frost always reflect yourself; you are, as it were, frozen yourself no matter what the situation. You are the frost, the frost, the frozen dream object and so on. You feel and experience from emotions and feelings that either stand in a period of silence or that may be expressed and closed.


Another explanation is that you have blocked, frozen, stuck old unhealthy pains, sadness, fear, emotions and that you do not look after it and / or are not yet able to, as it were, thaw it out. Your soul is fixed, your life is fixed - you cannot go on and you may even feel drained, blocked and limited in everything.


Being frozen, frost, freezing reflects your own feelings and everything that is currently disrupting, depriving you or blocking yourself in this moment - surrendering unhealthy patterns to the universe, spirit, your guides, helpers so that you can control the situation and / or close the year. Another explanation is that you limit yourself in progress by overflowing with fear, emotions, resentment, feelings and a cold, quiet but firm and impenetrable attitude

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