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Polar Beer dream picture

Published on 11 January 2021 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about a polar bear are about becoming aware of old and unresolved fears, pains, sadness, emotions and feelings that you are now reliving or wanting to revisit, as it were. Another explanation is that you are currently turned inward, which can appear cold and chilly to other people.


Yet another explanation is that you may be dealing with setbacks, obstacles and insurmountances and outside influence. An alternative explanation is to try to create space or peace in your life, but above all keep an introverted lifestyle. Remember that the bear is a project or reflection of your own true feelings, emotions, and sadness, so you are the polar bear yourself.


A polar bear also represents a high cuddly content, which you need in your life. Or warmth that you never had in your youth and that you feel you lack. In addition, the polar bear tells the winter cycle in life that is currently standing still to make room and time for new plans, wishes and dreams. An alternative explanation is communicating with the great spirit, the higher spiritual and the universe.


If you see a polar bear with cubs in your dream or vision, this is about protection, love and geniality; provide support and assistance. This is within you, but to the outside world you can be powerful and hostile to the outside world if they get too close to you and strike unexpectedly - but in reality you are only attacking yourself or defrauding yourself.

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