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Skating dream picture

Published on 9 January 2021 at 07:00

Dreaming or visions about skating tells you about the ability to always try to keep your balance. You use your own strength, determination and willpower to move forward and achieve your goals, wishes, dreams and ideas in life. Another explanation is the feeling of relaxation, conviviality, recreation.


Another explanation is finding the balance between pleasure and work, family and yourself, income and expenditure. It also reflects the balance between your masculine and feminine qualities. Another explanation is that you are regularly in the same negative spiral and are therefore a bit cold and chilly or experience it that way.


A dream or vision about skating on the ice tells you about satisfaction in your life or with the opportunities that present themselves in your life. Another explanation is that your approach is sometimes a bit cold, and one-sided, making you difficult to fathom for people around you.

If you fall into your dream or vision while skating, it tells you that you have lost the balance in life, you have lost your own power and strength and the determination has softened.

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