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Skiing dream picture

Published on 13 January 2021 at 07:00

Dreams or a vision in which you are skiing tells you something about the way you move in life. How wrapped you want to make it, you have to do something for it. It also reflects how much energy you put into something. It also tells you how much energy it takes to achieve what you want.


Another explanation is that you have old unhealthy patterns, stagnant projects, wishes, cold old energy under control. Expressing your true self, letting go of old unhealthy patterns by bringing yourself out in a different way, as it were.


This can be done through experience, practice and training and that you can easily slide down the mountain. Yet another explanation is that skiing is related to the winter season and the desire to ski and practice other winter sports. Yet another explanation is that skiing reflects the connection to the winter season and the cycle of completion in life and / or a situation coming to an end.


If you are skiing with a group, it tells something about easing the heaviness of your path what you are currently walking; you may need help and / or you may be offered help by other people. But at least you will experience support and this can be seen both positively and negatively.

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