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Food dream picture

Published on 24 January 2021 at 09:49

Dreams or visions about food tell you that you are happy with the situation you are in, in a relationship. Food, nutrition always reflects the spiritual nutrition that invites you as a human to grow, develop and so on. Another explanation is that you are satisfied with a situation or with your life. Another explanation is that food represents the basic need in life, you have planted the fruits, cared for them and now you can harvest. Another explanation is nutrition, food can also refer to a great hunger for something you have always wanted and so on.


Dreams or visions about preparing food tell you that you are meeting the needs of others, you forget to pay attention to yourself. Another explanation is that preparing food tells you to appreciate an aspect of yourself and take more care of it. Another important explanation is that diet, eating reflects a part of yourself that needs thought - the growth and development process in your life. Alternatively, you experience the hunger for more.


Visions or dreams in which you eat alone tell you that about the desire for more insight, growth, development and this can be in different areas, spiritual, spiritual as a person and / or how you want to fill it in yourself. Another explanation is that you feel lonely and sad, you don't pay attention to friendships, but people don't pay attention to you either.

Visions or dreams in which you yourself do not eat, but do see other people eat, tell you that you feel like you are on the sidelines, being ignored, rejected and rejected. You are not connected to yourself, your life tasks, assignments, spiritual connection and so on. You can also think of burnout, stress, tired of life, no interest, no opinion.


Another explanation is that you have a greater need for friendships, love and relationships or renewal in your life - loneliness, exclusion and closure. Another explanation is that you want to view things differently than before, take no action for a while but just let them develop without having to do a lot of work.



Dreams or visions of spoiled or rotten food tell you that you are emotionally, spiritually or spiritually exhausted, you feel drained or exhausted. Another explanation is that you have not paid attention to your plans, dreams, wishes and ideas; you have become addicted to something in your life, perhaps friendships, relationships, wishes, dreams or your work. Yet another explanation is that you want to / must attract a different way of acting, use it before you continue on the chosen path.


Bad food, food represents things that are not healthy and then you can think of old patterns, relationships, situations and so on - ask yourself what is not going well in your life. Becoming aware of the fact that ... Pay close attention to what is rotten will give you insight into what is important in your life and / or the situation you are in.

Another explanation is that rotten food, food reflects death and rebirth, the process of coming and going, the end and the new beginning. The seasons and the cycle of winter, spring, summer and autumn moments in your situation, relationship, your body, spiritual experiences and so on.  

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