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Mulan dream picture

Published on 29 January 2021 at 09:23

Dreams about Mulan are about courage and strength, perseverance. Another important explanation is that you have the power to adapt to the situation or environment you are in at the moment in your life. Mulan reflects both Jing and Jang.


The masculine and feminine energy. The balance between strength, perseverance and the nurturing creative. It is also the balance between work and private life, you can also think about give and take. Dreams in which Mulan occurs tells you about magic, miracles and guardian angels, magical beings and belief in the support from the higher, universe, the afterlife, the gods etc. 


Another explanation is that you should take time to develop yourself and that you should always keep listening to what your feeling, your heart has to tell you; no matter what others say about you, do not deviate from your chosen path or opinion. Yet another explanation is that Mulan stands for finding balance and overcoming old wounds from past lives, defeating inner demons.

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