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Love dream picture

Published on 6 February 2021 at 10:00

Dreaming about love is a projection of how you live life, what you feel, what you want and what you experience (this can also be self-love). You are, as it were, the love, the affection and the desire. But the main explanation is that love dreams are about your heart and your home.


When you dream about love, it tells you that you need affection, the inner cooperation between your masculine and feminine energies. Another explanation is the desire for intense connections, feelings, love relationships and the affection and warmth. Yet another explanation is the overcoming of emotions and repressed feelings so that you now experience a mystical inner marriage.


In addition, love stands for the heart, your source, your base and / or your soul colors and your inner passion, inner fire and your inner strength. You can also think of the combination between hate and love, the balance between give and take and the need to take good care of yourself or to give balanced to other people. Yet another explanation is that you are satisfied with what you have and where you stand in life. An alternative explanation is that you feel that you are not experiencing enough love in life.  

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