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Ex-partner dream picture

Published on 9 February 2021 at 07:00

If you have a dream about your ex, it tells you that there is something and / or a situation and / or someone in your life that evokes similar feelings. You project a situation or a feeling on your ex-partner's character traits or appearance. Dreams about an ex are about the loss, desire, emotions, feelings that you reflect. It is a processing of ........ This can be an ex-partner from a long time ago and / or even from a previous life.


Dreams about an ex-boyfriend, ex girlfriend are not so much about love and affection and wanting the ex-partner back. It's about the life lessons and the attributes associated with them. You can also think of the feelings, warmth, memories that you shared with your ex-partner and that you need in your current life and / or situation.


The dream can warn you of the same behavior (recurring cycle and patterns) mistakes in your current relationship and / or in terms of attracting a new relationship. An alternative explanation is that dreams about ex-lovers indicate the positive experiences of the things that happened that you would like to cherish and maintain.


Only you should not compare this relationship with a relationship from the past. In addition, you may be looking for a perfect person (s), someone who evokes the same feelings, fulfilling too many wishes and demands when it comes to relationships and lovers.  


Dreams about an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend are about yourself and your feelings, emotions and generally have no real deep insightful message other than awareness of the fact that ...... processing, letting go of patterns and accepting .....

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