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Cupid dream picture

Published on 12 February 2021 at 07:00

Dreams about cupid are about experiencing emotions, feelings, new or renewed love and affection. Love is a projection of how you live life, what you feel, what you want and what you experience (this can also be self-love). You are, as it were, the love, the affection and the desire. Another explanation is that you are looking for self love, lover and a relationship.


It may indicate over-control over the desire for a relationship or love. It can also indicate that you just let go of everything and surrender to the universe and / or that with which you have a connection. Cupid is a symbolism for love arrows that cannot be missed, however, the question in this dream is in what desires, emotions, feelings, experiences you have yourself.


So you are both Cupid and the lover who receives the arrows. In addition, Cupid can also represent twin souls, soul mates, true love and previous life relationships that have to be restored and / or are an important part of your life.


Yet another explanation is that Cupid is connected to Aphrodite / Venus. The goddess of love, affection, attracting twin souls and boundless love for both yourself and a partner

Cupid is the reflection of inner love as well as attracting and maintaining relationships. Let the inner flame burn and fanned. Have faith that there is someone for everyone who suits the situation you are in at the moment; twin souls, soul mate love and so on.


Yet another explanation is to condemn, to judge the outward appearance; the soul speaks to you, regardless of the outward appearance, things may appear different from what they are. 

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