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Pyramid dream picture

Published on 18 February 2021 at 07:00

Dreams about a pyramid are about centering your energy, the connection with the higher and / or other dimensions. It reflects the spiritual connection and desire. You can also think of your third eye or your crown chakra which is an important part of your daily life and / or in your dream / vision and meditation, visualization world.


Dreams about a pyramid are about vibrations and healings on both a physical and soul / spiritual level. But also about past lives and / or memories of them via visions and / or signals. Past life, karma and soul connection, life lessons and the connection experiences with which you are allowed to work in this life.


Alternatively, you can connect the pyramid to death and rebirth, Atlantis, Lemuria and / or other ancient life forms and dimensions. Initiation and magic, herbalism and astrology, gemstone vibrations and so on. Egypt and mummies, pharaohs and other spiritual connections are reflected in dreams of a Pyramid. It just depends on what feeling, emotions, spiritual connection or experience you have when it comes to explaining or providing insight.

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