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Frog dream picture

Published on 21 February 2021 at 11:54

Dreams about a frog are about transformation, emotions, feelings, healing and healing and everything to do with inner strength. Dreams about a frog are about persistence and the ability to adapt, the different options in your life. You can also think about becoming aware of your shortcomings.


Another explanation is the possibility of self-fertilization, the reproduction of plans, wishes and dreams. You are able to lead everything to a success yourself. An alternative explanation is that you may become aware of the fact that you are able to heal yourself inwardly and spiritually. The problems and obstacles will disappear if you just believe in yourself. As an additional alternative is the connection with twin souls and transformation that reflects fairytales such as princess and the frog.


Another explanation is uncleanness, and the unknown or that which can still change. Dreaming or about a tadpole are about transformation, fertilization and developments in your life. Another explanation is that you are sensitive and danger can strike unexpectedly. The death and rebirth of a situation or even of feelings, emotions and experiences. The frog and the tadpole are connected with the element of water and therefore also with the womb of life.

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