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Contract dream picture

Published on 24 February 2021 at 11:00

Dreams about a contract are about an agreement or confirmation (soul connections) between human soul groups, twin souls, like-minded, your heart, your source. Your base, parents and child, past life and next life and so on.


But you can also think of the awareness that there may be a balance between your masculine and feminine energy. Another explanation is an attribution or awakening to a friendship and any kind of affection that feels official and good. Dreams about a contract tell you something about your soul assignment and this can be experienced both positively and negatively. Pay close attention to what you are signing a contract for, as this gives a direct indication.


Dreams about a contract reflect your personal value, what you attach to contracts and connections is brought out in the dream. It is the realization of the fact that, so what has a lot of value for one person can have little or no value for another.

Dreaming of a torn or dirty contract reflects the obstacles and soul lessons that are generally experienced negatively regardless of what has gone before. Narcissistic connection or soul connections that need life lessons and / or several lives to return to a healthy energy.


Another explanation is that more attention must be paid to your masculine and feminine energy to find more balance. Yet another explanation is that problems have arisen that are not clean, or have to be glued before you can continue. It is therefore a warning to you, do not accept every offer and review what you have started.


Dreams in which a contract is torn apart tells you about ending an unhealthy situation, completing a soul contract or connection. As it were, put an end to something, an affirmation or agreement. An alternative explanation is to review offers, possibilities, opportunities and life path. Yet another explanation is imbalance between your feminine and masculine energies and the awareness of that. Taking destiny into your own hands, not having faith in the universe, god, angels, and / or that with which you want to connect. 

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