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Flower bulb dream picture

Published on 4 March 2021 at 07:00

Flower bulb in your dream tells you about healing and healing an unhealthy and / or old situation that you have left behind. Another explanation is small progress and loneliness, but also about enjoying the beauty of life and nature.

The new beginning, the start, the flowering and the growing of what you have planted in the winter / silence time. Yet another explanation is a short time of abundance or possibilities in your life.


Another explanation is the connection with Spring, Easter, Seasons, Spring Equinox or Ostara and so on. In the spring you can harvest what you have planted in the winter and then it is mainly seen and experienced symbolically. Flower bulbs have several symbolic meanings.


Pay special attention to the color and which flower type it is. Listen carefully to your personal feelings, emotions, experiences before explaining your dream.

In other words, dreams about flower bulbs are about the inner, outer, soul, heart, source and symbolic victory. You can also think of success, happiness, inner beauty, perfection, self-expression, love, tranquility, happiness and happiness.



Planting a flower bulb in your dream tells you about planting your wishes, dreams, visualizations and so on. Becoming aware of the fact that you (have to let your situations rest first, take care of them before you can harvest. Right time, right moment experience. Another explanation is to want to look at different options before continuing on the path taken and / or that you can't make a clear choice, taking time for healing, healing, turning inward, soul lessons, patience and it's worth the wait.

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