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Ring dream picture

Published on 15 July 2020 at 07:00

If you dream or have a vision that you have a ring on your finger, it tells you about commitment to a relationship or new ventures, whether private or business. Another explanation is that loyalty to your ideals, beliefs and responsibilities are important to you.


An important explanation is that a ring represents the infinite circular circle of life, the cycle of life, there is no end, unlimited success. It is important that you look carefully at what material the ring is made of: gold or silver and possibly with gemstones.


Dreams and visions about a ring reflect how you live life, your soul colors and what you want to wear outside. You can also think of making a statement or how you see yourself from your deepest core, source, base.

Another explanation is experiencing relaxation and unwinding from a situation that you have had no control over, you overcome everything that you thought you would never overcome.


Two rings in your dream or vision tell you about victory over problems in the relationship sphere, in addition to a love relationship, this can also be a friendly or business relationship.


Another explanation is the fusion, the inner marriage of your masculine and feminine energy and thus find more balance in your life. The endless circular circle of life, the cycle of life, especially in love relationships and a marriage that is coming for yourself, in your family or friends. 

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