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Klaproos in de droom picture

Published on 13 July 2020 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about a poppy are about vulnerability, oblivion and waiting and doing nothing, you are easy and therefore you lose an eye for detail. Another explanation is temptation and the possibility of good business.

Another explanation is the high sensitivity and the spiritual connection with the higher and / or the universe.



An alternative explanation is that there is death and rebirth (cycle of life) in a situation or the closing of something and the growth and development of something new. But also rediscovering, reinventing or sailing on someone's knowledge without doing anything in return.


Yet another explanation is that there will be movement in the situation you are in, that what stood still must be revised and shaken up otherwise it cannot germinate and / or grow further.


Another alternative explanation is that there may be sad or negative news. A spiritual additional explanation is the four points of the compass, or the elements earth, fire, water and air with which you have a connection and / or with which you can work.

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