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Atlantis dream picture

Published on 15 March 2021 at 09:29

Dreams of Atlantis have a spiritual connection, which represents an important energy throughout the dream, vision and / or mediation and so on. Atlantis is connected with past lives, crystals, elemental beings, dolphins. You can also think of healing and healing and magic.


It is the search for that of which you want to experience and / or find awareness. Another explanation is to turn the page of your soul book, fate, your soul journey and so on.


In addition, an Atlantis dream can also represent travel, the search for yourself, a place to live, to live; your roots, your source, your base and so on. But you can also think of the mystical, the intangible, that which you cannot perceive with your eyes. It is also the dark, gray experience - the inner demons or old patterns that keep repeating; that you may investigate and / or experience.


It reflects vibration, energy, chakras and even otherworldly experiences. Atlantis dreams, visions, meditations are very personal and for each people different (your soul experiences) ensure that it is how you experience it. 


Dimensions and awareness of the fact that. In the dream world, Atlantis is not only connected with your spiritual growth but also with that of your environment. Atlantis dreams are connected with spiritual and soul growth from any form.

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