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Ostara dream picture

Published on 23 March 2021 at 07:00

Visions or dreams about Ostara (Celtic goddess) tell you that you can have confidence that new opportunities and possibilities will come. The goddess Ostara is connected with the new, the start and the beginning of everything. Another explanation is, you are aware of fertility, growth, new opportunities and developments in your life.


Fertility and pregnancy does not have to be about a baby and / or the desire for adoption and so on. It tells you something about a spiritual pregnancy, fruitful start-up of your dreams, wishes, ideas and so on.

Another explanation is that you see the possibilities to plant seeds, to care for the seeds and to harvest at a later time. Ostara invites you to connect with mother earth, to enter into, to keep and to earth yourself. Yet another explanation is that new plans, dreams, wishes and ideas come from hard work, revival of nature and / or the situation you are in.


Ostara is connected with the spring season, harvest festivals and other forms of the new herald, she breathes life into everything and / or that with which you are connected in your waking existence. It is mainly connected with the elemental beings, earth, fire, water and air. But also the planet, animals and everything and everyone connected with nature.

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