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Gift basket dream picture

Published on 31 March 2021 at 13:37

Dreams about a gift basket do not tell you creativity, practice, try and invent. But especially about receiving abundance from any form that pertains to your hard work. It is the reflection of the process of the situation you are in.


Then you can think that you first have to learn everything before you become a master of what you want insight into, what you want to attract. As it were, hand over the universe and / or that with which you have a connection gives you that what you need to continue on the path you have taken. Pay close attention to what is in the basket, this is the key to understanding the dream.



You can also think of what you have received and what you need and / or want to keep for later. Pay close attention to what's in the basket. The gift basket also reflects the roots of your life, your ancestors, spirit and everything you have tied together in life and / or the situation you are in. The handles can, for example, represent the symbolic ears, eyes and / or your connection with the universe and / or ancestors, spirit and past lives


Yet another explanation is the conscious weaving of visualizations, manifestations, your wishes that you have put down and / or have made known to the universe and / or that with which you have a connection. Another explanation is receiving dreams, wishes, ideas web so that it all gets paid in abundance. In addition, a basket is of course also a reflection of holding on to, the storage of old unhealthy patterns, in which you try to get clarity.

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