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Daisies dream picture

Published on 8 April 2021 at 10:08

Dreaming about a daisy tells you about the search for the pearl of the situation and / or the great opportunities, the pearl of success, among the shards of the past you will find the pearl of the present. The daisy in your dream connects you with your knowing, intuition, wisdom, insight and especially with the purity, innocence and truth of life and / or the situation you are in.


The Daisies are connected with beauty that is deep within, so it reflects the inner appearance and the power of looking through the situation and / or outwardly. The pearl of life and the pearl of the soul. In addition, it can also stand for innocence and resilience, going along with the situation and / or your life task.


Another explanation is that the daisy also reflects closing your eyes as a dream translation. Close to what is going on outside of your experience world. When it gets dark I do not look.  I do not embrace the dark side and / or have the need to turn inwards is reflected here.


Keep the connection with your pure and innocent intuition and your connection with the universe, your guides and helpers. You can explain and / or experience this both positively and negatively. Turning away from everything that is going on is not always the right step, but of course it can also be very effective in protecting yourself from unhealthy negative energy - but keep the door open so your pearl can still shine. 

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