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Apollo dream picture

Published on 10 April 2021 at 11:53

Dreams and visions in which Apollo appears are about the sun and the moon together with his sister Artemis. So do they reflect life, the shadow side and that which is visible. Apollo is the sun, music, medicine, poetry and fine arts. 


But you can also think of reasonableness and rational thinking. But also entrepreneurship, development and construction. Be creative, figure out and get where you need to be with perseverance. Apollo is the connection between creative (soul entrepreneurship), believing in your own strength and actually converting this into action and tangible goals.


Another explanation is that you experience a bit of awareness that has to do with the dark side, taking on too much hay, carrying too heavy loads and that you can divide this over time, projects and outsourcing! .. The balance between creative , entrepreneurial spirit, doing it yourself and having confidence that cooperation, teamwork, like-mindedness will take you further than you can imagine now.


Another dream connection is that with the oracle, prophecies, visions and spiritual connections. Apollo connects you to your deepest and purest version and lets your inner music flow and shine like the sun.

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