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101 Dalmatians dream picture

Published on 21 April 2021 at 09:13

Dreams and visions about the 101 Dalmatians are about friendship and affection, your best friend; cooperation and bringing out the best in each other. Another explanation is that you have a need for like-minded friends and knowledge that you can build on.


Yet another explanation is that your soul family can look very different from what you expect - your soul family does not have to be connected to your birth family.

With a 101 dalmatians dream or vision you are challenged to allow and find others, like-minded, soul family, BFF'S etc in your life in a calm and natural way. Yet another explanation is that the 101 Dalmatians represent your character traits such as being faithful to and loyalty to others.


Another explanation is the need for relationships, protection and playfulness. A Dalmatian reflects your faithful boyfriend, your twin flame, guidance to and from new goals in your life, but can also be your enemy if you treat him wrong.

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