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Mouse dream picture

Published on 1 May 2021 at 19:35

Dreams or visions about mice tell you that you should pay particular attention to the little things in life, enjoy the little things - don't hold on to luxury and value, success in the form of abundance (money) but enjoy life itself, be of service, be happy with everything you have and so on.

It is the realization that you can find opportunities everywhere, as long as you look and look carefully. An alternative is that you are too concerned with details and that you can lose yourself in excessive worry, or have no (less) connection with your intuition, your heart, your source, your base.


Another explanation is that you have to pay attention and especially watch your count, the wheat is cut off without mercy, you want to harvest, but you are eaten bald and you are left without income, wishes or dreams. You project yourself onto the mouse, so you may not be treating yourself quite as you deserve or you may be hurting yourself more than you are aware of.


Another explanation is to be smart but also to act fruitfully and not to forget to act quickly, you lose when you see mice a lot of possibilities. An alternative explanation is that the mouse stands for saving reserve, fertility, and seeing small possibilities. A more alternative explanation is the vagina and its sexual desires, the sexual needs are great.

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