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Family dream picture

Published on 6 May 2021 at 13:48

Your family in your dream or vision tells you about the feeling of security, warmth, the true heart and love that you receive. Another important explanation is the reference to your roots, family tree and family history and family karma.


Family members reflect the specific relationship you have with them, as well as character traits and personality. The family dream is a reflection of who you are, how you want to show yourself to the world, it is your past, your present and your future - it is your frame of reference.

With family domes always pay close attention to who is present the dream, each family member has a different quality and message with which you have a very personal experience, lesson and so on.


Dreams about your family are generally about processing and attracting the love energy minded, soul mates, soul lessons and karma. It is a reflection of your heart, your source, your base and everything that comes with it, you can experience both positively and negatively.


Another explanation is the lack of people around you, jealousy and contempt that you feel towards other people. Not daring to open your most pure and true self (your heart and your source), but also the connection with family history and / or karma experiences.

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