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Pregnant in the dream picture

Published on 31 December 2019 at 13:50

A dream or vision about being pregnant tells you that an inner or outer part of your personal life is developing. Another important explanation is the emergence of new ideas, dreams, wishes or goals, which will give you a lot of pleasure and peace of mind.


You yourself are the fruit that you carry within you and that must be cared for and nourished.

The pregnancy reflects everything you have paid attention to, your wishes, your dreams, your source, your base and so on. (the fruit of life and / or the situation you are in)

Give your ideas and directions the attention, love and nourishment it needs. Another explanation is the desire for a pregnancy, adoption of a child, or wanting to become a mother or father.


It is also the awareness of the fact that you and / or someone close to you is pregnant / adoption is coming to you. It is a conscious soul experience, living from your source and your desire. An additional explanation is that a pregnancy dream represents the balance between your masculine and feminine energy.

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