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Lotus dream picture

Published on 30 December 2019 at 12:19

Dreams and Visions about the Lotus tells you spiritual growth and development, transformation and overcoming the obstacles and problems. Another explanation is the gateway to life and rebirth and experiencing a deeper connection with yourself and / or getting started with this.


The life growth process and the full opening and flowering at your full strength, and the cervix life. Experiencing balance between your masculine and feminine energy. Taking up the challenge to grow, develop and flower. Another explanation is that the lotus teaches you to act from a more spiritual and / or soul, source and basic life. 


In addition, the lotus tells you something about your roots, your base and where you come from and where you want to go. A spiritual explanation is that the lotus connection represents you with the higher energies and higher vibrations such as the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th dimensions.



Spiritual Flowers dream explanation about the beautiful Water Lily (Latin name) Nymphaea coerulea. She brings you spiritual growth and development, transformation and overcoming the obstacles and problems. The gate to life and rebirth – the life growing process and opening completely and blooming at your full strength, and the cervix life, the elements represented in this are earth and water.


The life force is reflected, purity, and cleansing. In addition, the chakra is very often depicted as Lotus from the purity and power and the energy centers.

The universe, spirit is of the lotus connected to the element of water with a special task to bring growth and transformation. The universe, spirit ensures that death and rebirth can take place again.


I use the word universe and spirit so that you can fill in the written story in your own way. For example, you can think of the afterlife, the elemental beings, nature beings, the angels, ascended masters, gods and goddesses, light beings, guides, helpers etc.

Our energies work together to bring the right energy with our singing and music and convert the transformation into vibrations that we as humans experience as growth and development and a happy feeling of peace and relaxation.

The Lotus for us has its spiritual origin with the Egyptians, but they are much older than Egypt. The Atlanteans used the Lotus as a medicinal plant and considered it their divine plant just like the Egyptians, by the way, they attached a symbol to it and that is supreme -Egypt. Fortunately, there are still religions today, countries where the Lotus is a sacred flower and represents a goddess.

The Lotus is a feminine energy that awakens love, inner peace and the inner goddess in you. Feminine problems and imbalance between your masculine and feminine energy is balanced by the Lotus - but also your search for the light and the dark in yourself is reflected in this. You are a channel of divine power.

The Egyptians made the flower known all over the world, eventually the lotus was adopted by the Persians, Greeks and Romans, so the plant remained popular. The lotus is also sacred in Hinduism and Buddhism. The Lotus originates from Indonesia and India, but also grows, for example, in Korea, Japan, in the southeastern United States, in Surinam, Thailand, China and Australia.




Spiritual growth and development, death and rebirth. The womb of ideas and development needs time to grow and fully blossom. Finding your pure and real self, your life purpose, feminine energy, discovering your feminine divine within yourself. Finding deep connection with the higher in life the universe, spirit. The foundation of your life roots is strong and sufficient to allow you to grow and flourish without fear that your wishes, plans, dreams will never come to fruition. You are deeply connected to your past, history and to your own powerful roots of life.

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