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Grandma dream picture

Published on 9 May 2021 at 09:12

Dreams or visions about your grandmother tell you about safety, care and unconditional love that you receive. You project or mirror the character traits of your grandmother because you appreciate, miss or need them to successfully realize your dream, wish or idea.


Another explanation is wisdom but also stubbornness, wanting to share knowledge, and also the rock solidity and strength that your grandmother carries with her.

A dream about you, grandmother, great-grandmother and / or your ancestor is connected with history, Karma, family tree. You can also think of the roots of your life, the way you view life, how your family views life (frame of reference)


An alternative explanation is the desire to become a great-grandmother, in addition it can also be a reference to a possible (waking existence) awake life experience that has to do with mother / great-grandmother, grandmother experience or moment. It is a reflection of your the most feminine and nurturing energy there is. The mother, grandmother, great-greatgrandmother therefore indicates fertility and strength.  


Your grandmother reflects your roots, your foundation, your past, your history and the future. She reflected, the child, the adult woman and the old experienced human being at the same time. The connection with your grandmother, stepmother, adoptionmother and so on is therefore a guideline for the explanation of a grandmother's dream.

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