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Printer dream picture

Published on 11 May 2021 at 07:00

Dreaming about a printer tells you that you are looking for yourself, emotions, feelings. You can think of the search for information, knowledge, wisdom and insights in a certain situation and / or feeling. You want to communicate with yourself and / or the situation you are in, including soul feelings and heart-oriented things, but also your emotions and soul doors.


Another explanation is that you want to make something tangible, insightful and / or you want to touch it so that you can give it a place in your life and / or situation.

The printer is connected to your work and or the world outside of you - social media influence or influence outside of yourself. The search for stimuli, communication and expressing yourself creatively. Write it off and heal and heal.


Another explanation is that there may be burnout, stress, excessive thinking and too much preoccupation with theory and instead of heart-centered thinking. Yet another explanation is that printing refers to processing old unhealthy situation as if you were writing it for yourself, opening soul doors. 


Dreaming about a printer also tells you that once again you would like to contact a certain person in your life and / or a certain quality that you need. Another explanation is that this person and / or the characteristics of this person would like to pass on a special message.


It reflects the way of communicating and talking about feelings and everything you are going through right now. Yet another explanation is that writing and / or sharing your personal story is your life purpose, soul mission, creative expression and unique creative desires.


When you see a printout in your dream, it tells you that there is a situation, relationship from the present but also from the past that needs your attention. Another explanation is that there is something in your life that is not right, perhaps a distorted or unrealistic situation that you need to investigate.


Another explanation for printing a document is that you want to have a clearer picture of something, so that you have more insight, more information, and can judge it better. Yet another explanation is the longing for the past and letting go, healing and healing

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