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Coffee dream picture

Published on 13 May 2021 at 07:00

Discovering dreams about coffee, becoming aware and experiencing personal insights. Coffee can be a kind of lubricant, energy boost and possibly the reference to the unhealthy use of Caffeine (stuck unhealthy patterns).


While for other dreamers coffee stands for the relaxing moment of coming to yourself, unwinding and so on. Depending on your personal experience with coffee! Can you say that you can explain the dream both negative and positive 

I call coffee dreams awareness dreams - in which you hold up a mirror, as it were. Addiction-prone dreams are at the top of the list with signs of unhealthy behavior and / or wake-up call.

Sleeplessness, waking up tired, nightmares, trauma and addictive behavior are often reflected in coffee dreams.

Another important explanation is the (waking existence) experience of setbacks, a wrong assessment, but also about gossip and slander, difficulties in your relationship, or inner problems.


An important spiritual explanation is that coffee is synonymous with the phrase "look at coffee grounds or reading thee leaves ". you want insights that are not there, you mirror yourself and / or your situation, as it were, and hope to find answers in this. It also refers to unhealthy behavior when it comes to balance between give and take - black, white, spiritual and earthly (human) being, work and private life and so on.

Reading coffee grounds in your dream or vision tells you that you want to gain insight into your past. Where did you go wrong and / or what can I do, what opinion should you not have expressed, and what did you do that caused this situation? You are looking for answers in your life.


Where drinking water, tea and so on represents cleaning, cleansing, tidying up and new vision - for many dreamers, coffee produces a bitter aftertaste no matter what situation you are in.

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