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Umbrella Dream Picture

Published on 29 July 2019 at 07:00

A dream or vision about an umbrella tells you that you have a shield for your own emotions and that you are trying to avoid and express your feelings. The protective layer that you have drawn around you and / or around the situation.


The bigger the umbrella, the bigger the shield that you have made around you, so it is also difficult for people who want to help you get through this and give you insight. Another explanation is that the umbrella or parasol represents protection from the afterlife, you and your loved one are protected. Yet another explanation is experiencing emotional security and wanting protection to avoid setbacks. 


If the umbrella or umbrella leaks in your dream or vision, it tells you that you are not prepared to face problems and that you have not dealt with everything yet. The protective layer that you have drawn around you and / or around the situation turns out to be inadequate - the unwanted opening of yourself and / or your emotions. Another explanation is that a leak represents the opening of your emotions and feelings that you can experience both positively and negatively.


Letting go of it and not having it under control - through the protection, the energy flows through and allows you to process it. Another explanation is that step by step you prepare yourself to open the shield of emotions and feelings and give you the right tools and insights. Throwing overboard your protected shield, help and support from the universe and spirit. A new vision and the opening of old karma and feelings.

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