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Medicines dream picture

Published on 22 May 2021 at 12:28

Dreaming about getting medicine tells you that you are healing, you should think about spiritual and / or inner healing. In addition, it also stands for healing mental, physical or emotional problems that you have to solve.


Awareness of the fact that and processing everything that is unhealthy. That also applies to your limits and boundaries 

Another explanation is that because of the medicines your pain and sadness, emotions, feelings have disappeared for a while, it can have a temporary effect, so that you become aware that you have to let go of things from the past in order to be able to process.

An alternative explanation is that your prayers, your request for help has arrived and you are now ready to view the situation and / or what you are going through from a different perspective.
In addition, a medicine dream can also refer to a burnout, stress, problems, fears, sadness and awareness of the fact that. Another important explanation is that drugs can of course refer to a set pattern and / or addictive behavior, which can be experienced both positively and negatively.


Pay close attention to what heals you and / or what kind of medicine you use, because it contains an indication of what you can heal and heal. In your dream you are always even the medicine, the doctor, the specialist and so on. It is a reflection of how you feel and so on.

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