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Dolphin dream picture

Published on 2 December 2019 at 16:07

Dolphins in your dream or vision tell you about guidance you are getting, and about your intelligence, mental attributes, spiritual growth and development is very much present here. But you can also think of emotional trust in yourself and in your life. Discover the potential of your soul, your higher dimensions and connections to the universe and you will move forward in life. This dream or vision can also mean that there is a line between the conscious and the subconscious side of yourself that you did not have before.


Dolphins represent your willingness to discover and develop your emotions. A good balance of mind and feeling is coming. The dolphin is connected to the higher frequencies and goals, spiritual growth and chakras. Dreams and visions about dolphins bring you healing and healing of old unhealthy experiences, wounds etc.


Yet another explanation is that the dolphin represents playfulness, cheerfulness and the carefree. Play and see it in a completely different way and then see the limitless possibilities of your potential, your gift and inner strength. The dolphins are connected to the universe, other spiritual dimensions, Atlantis, Atlantica and so on and therefore the ultimate signals for a change in your conscious and unconscious (soul assignments).

Another explanation is that the dolphin represents communication on the higher plane, talking, communicating your feelings and letting go of old experiences through which you experience healing.

The Dolphin is also a connecting factor with the element of water, spiritual connection with water and/or special soul assignments that have to do with water, the elemental beings, angels, elves, mermaids etc. And sometimes the dolphin makes a reference to a mermaid soul or dolphin soul; Atlantis soul who are now born on Earth to complete the tasks they once assumed.


Dreams or visions about swimming with dolphins tell you that you want to get in touch with yourself, you want more insight into your true feelings, your spiritual potential, or you want to open up to more openness and communication. Another explanation is experiencing healing and healing and breaking free from fixed patterns.

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